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Art of Roast

The Pannikin Small-Batched Roasted Coffee

Here at Pannikin we roast our coffees by hand. We do this because we believe that roasting is as much art as it is science.

Science: If you expose green coffee to extreme temperatures it will turn brown.

Art: How you get there and how the final product turns out is up to us and our interpretation of what the final product should be.

Anybody can splatter paint on a canvas, that doesn’t mean that anybody can be Jackson Pollock. Not to say that we think of ourselves as world renowned artists; we’re just saying that taking the time to stand next to the roaster and carefully guiding those green beans through their evolution, unlocking their full potential, is how we blend the art with the science.

Our roasting process is known as a “Full City” roast. In the roasting process we steadily heat the coffee trying to avoid any drastic swings in temperature. Think of roasting coffee like riding up an escalator, we want to steadily and evenly climb in temperature until we reach our final destination. Time and temperature are the two most important variables in the roasting process. So as we are riding up the escalator of the roast we have certain markers that we are trying to reach. In a “Full City” roast that mark that we want to reach is called, First Crack. This is an audible snap or crack that the bean produces. Most coffees hit this point at the same temperature. From there, depending on the coffee, we take the temperature a little higher and then drop the beans from the roaster to be cooled.

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