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We have been in the business of serving the community with all of its coffee and tea needs since 1968. In the heart of Leucadia, CA our family owned and operated business roasts coffee and bakes daily.

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Discover the art of perfect brewing with Pannikin Coffee & Tea. Choose from our exquisite range of blends and teas, tailor-made to suit your taste. Begin your journey with us by selecting your favorite flavors, grind size, and delivery frequency. We're here to bring the finest of the world's coffee and tea, right to your doorstep.

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Life's always brewing new surprises! At Pannikin, we understand that. Easily adjust your subscription as your tastes evolve or as you discover new favorites among our selections. Whether it's a change in the blend, quantity, or delivery schedule, we offer the flexibility to keep your coffee and tea experience perfectly aligned with your lifestyle.

3. Enjoy

The ultimate pleasure of fresh, high-quality coffee and tea is now a regular part of your life. With each delivery, savor the rich, aromatic experience of Pannikin's finest, lovingly packaged and brought to your home. Indulge in the luxury of the best brews, knowing every cup is as fresh and delightful as the last.

Talk about a relaxing, delicious cup of coffee... this is the place.

- Andrew D.

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Serving you top-quality coffee and tea since 1968.