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Please Note: All coffees and teas are agricultural products subject to a wide variety of atmospheric and political issues. Product and price may vary according to availability.

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Acai Berry Organic 4oz.
The mix or acai, hibiscus, rooibos and rose hips create a sweet and tart infusion

PRICE: $6.95

Apricot 4oz.
A naturally flavored organic tea with the swwet full taste of ripe apricots.

PRICE: $5.00

Assam Fancy 4oz.
From India. Notice the floral notes, outstanding body and clean dried berry tones.

PRICE: $5.00

Assam Tara TGFOPI 4oz.
From India's northwest Assam district comes this sweet well rounded cup with an aged oak cherry wine finish.

PRICE: $6.00

Berry Patch 4oz.
A luscious combination of dried fruits and berries.

PRICE: $6.00

Black Chai 4oz.
Organic black tea with ginger, cardamom, dried orange peel and cinnamon. A favorite with honey and milk.

PRICE: $6.25

Blood Orange 4oz.
Sweet and delicious like fresh squeezed oranges.

PRICE: $5.75

Blue Lady 4oz.
Organic black tea flavored with a blend of grapefruit and citrus.

PRICE: $5.00

Calypso ORGANIC 2oz.
A delicious combination of safflower, calendula, and orange permeate this delightful cup. FAIR TRADE

PRICE: $4.50

Ceylon Supreme 4oz.
From Sri Lanka. Creating a natural melange undertone with a crisp, clean finish.

PRICE: $5.00

Chamomile ORGANIC 2oz.
Made of 100% sweet chamomile flowers.

PRICE: $3.50

China Jasmine ORGANIC 4oz.
Scented with jasmine, an organic Chunmee-style leaf that finishes sweet.

PRICE: $6.75

China Jasmine Pearls 2oz.
One of the first handcrafted blooming teas from the most delicate First Pluck, layered with jasmine and hand-rolled into tiny pearls.

PRICE: $12.50

China Keemun 4oz.
During the Ching Dynasty this tea almost became extinct. This tea expresses the soil of its ancestors in its natural sweet smokey flavor.

PRICE: $5.00

Coconut Ginger ORGANIC 4oz.
This organic Sencha combines shredded coconut and ginger pieces creating a taste sensation you won't soon forget.

PRICE: $6.00

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