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Pannikin Organic Coffee Offerings


Bali Blue Moon ORGANIC
This coffee has a strong following. Exotic as Indonesia itself. this coffee is a rich, smooth, semi-sweet chocolate cup with nutty aromatics.

Costa Rica ORGANIC
This strictly hard bean coffee is from the acclaimed Tarrazu regions of Costa Rica. Rich volcanic earth, high altitude, and superb local farming combine to produce a vrietal with full, robust flavor. This coffee is rich and hearty.

Decaf WP French Roast ORGANIC
The decaf version of our French Roast is shade grown and a stout blend.

Decaf WP Pannikin Blend ORGANIC
Artfully crafted from selected coffees from four continents, this decaf house blend has been a San Diego favorite for over thirty years.

Ethiopia ORGANIC
This sweet, clean cup with medium body is smooth and satisfying. Shade grown and Fair Trade

French Roast ORGANIC
A delicious dark and balanced cup. Rich and flavorful. Shade grown and Fair Trade

Guatemala ORGANIC
This famed growing region is known for producing the finest coffees. This distinctively vibrant coffee has a sweet after-taste with a slight floral note. Shade Grown and Fair Trade

From the famed growing region in Mexico. A delightfully delicate cup with a caramel aroma and snappy finish. Shade grown and Fair Trade

Pannikin Blue Sky ORGANIC
Our classic blend has a spicy flavor that is enhanced by its gentle, dakr roast. The combination of these specially selected coffees creates a fuller sweet and richly aromatic cup. Shade grown and Fair Trade

Pannikin ORGANIC
Artfully crafted from selected coffees of four continents, this rich complex cup has been considered the perfect cup by customers and staff alike.

A sweet and very low acidic coffee. Full-bodied and an extremely satisfying taste.

One of the most complex coffees available. This earthy coffee is a strikingly delicious, rich, smooth full-bodied cup with a chocolate finish. Shade grown and Fair Trade