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We use only naturally water processed coffees. So, relax, no artificial chemicals were used to decaffeinate your coffee. Enjoy the same delightful, artistic roast without the caffeine.


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Decaf Holiday Blend ORGANIC ♦ ♦
A holiday delight for over a decade. This combination of beans from South America, Indonesia, and Africa create a wonderfully aromatic cup to warm the soul.

PRICE: $14.00

Decaf WP Costa Rica ORGANIC
This decaf varietal has full, robust flavor. Akin to fine Burgundy, this coffee is rich and hearty.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP French Roast ORGANIC
The decaf version of our French Roast is shade grown and a stout blend.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP Indo Noir ORGANIC
Over the years we have perfected this secret recipe. A full-bodied cup with an intriguing syrupy flavor, with an aroma reminiscent of caramelized sugar.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP Pannikin Blend ORGANIC
Artfully crafted from selected coffees from four continents, this decaf house blend has been a San Diego favorite for over thirty years.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP Sumatra ORGANIC
Enjoy this aromatic earthy cup of coffee with a hint of dark chocolate.

PRICE: $14.25

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