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Please Note: All coffees and teas are agricultural products subject to a wide variety of atmospheric and political issues. Product and price may vary according to availability.




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Colombia ORGANIC
Colombia is known for its full-bodied, well-balanced coffees. This classic coffee makes a perfect cup time after time with its chocolate, nutty after taste. Shade grown and Fair Trade

PRICE: $13.00

Continental ORGANIC
Formerly 62 Continental, this is an intensely flavored blend of washed and hard bean coffees. Makes an exciting full-strength espresso or cappuccino.

PRICE: $13.00

Costa Rica ORGANIC
This strictly hard bean coffee is from the acclaimed Tarrazu regions of Costa Rica. Rich volcanic earth, high altitude, and superb local farming combine to produce a vrietal with full, robust flavor. This coffee is rich and hearty.

PRICE: $13.25

Decaf Holiday Blend ORGANIC ♦ ♦
A holiday delight for over a decade. This combination of beans from South America, Indonesia, and Africa create a wonderfully aromatic cup to warm the soul.

PRICE: $14.00

Decaf WP Costa Rica ORGANIC
This decaf varietal has full, robust flavor. Akin to fine Burgundy, this coffee is rich and hearty.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP French Roast ORGANIC
The decaf version of our French Roast is shade grown and a stout blend.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP Indo Noir ORGANIC
Over the years we have perfected this secret recipe. A full-bodied cup with an intriguing syrupy flavor, with an aroma reminiscent of caramelized sugar.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP Pannikin Blend ORGANIC
Artfully crafted from selected coffees from four continents, this decaf house blend has been a San Diego favorite for over thirty years.

PRICE: $13.75

Decaf WP Sumatra ORGANIC
Enjoy this aromatic earthy cup of coffee with a hint of dark chocolate.

PRICE: $14.25

Ethiopia ORGANIC
This sweet, clean cup with medium body is smooth and satisfying. Shade grown and Fair Trade

PRICE: $13.75

French Roast ORGANIC
A delicious dark and balanced cup. Rich and flavorful. Shade grown and Fair Trade

PRICE: $13.25

Guatemala ORGANIC
This famed growing region is known for producing the finest coffees. This distinctively vibrant coffee has a sweet after-taste with a slight floral note. Shade Grown and Fair Trade

PRICE: $13.25

Hawaii Kau Fancy
Grown on the southwest coast of the Big Island of Hawaiii, this coffee is the epitome of the fresh, sweet taste of the islands with a hint of macadamia.

PRICE: $41.50

Hawaii Kau Fancy Blend
We use the same Hawaii Fancy beans from the island of Hawaii to create this wonderfully rich and captivating blend.

PRICE: $19.50

Holiday Blend ORGANIC ♦ ♦
Brought back by popular demand this is a special blend of South American and Indonesian beans with a touch of Africa. A hearty cup for the cooler months ahead.

PRICE: $13.75

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