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Please Note: All coffees and teas are agricultural products subject to a wide variety of atmospheric and political issues. Product and price may vary according to availability.




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Kenya AA
No ordinary coffee, grown high on Mt. Kenya and processed at the central co-op. A bold full-bodied and flavorful cup with winey undertones.

PRICE: $16.00

From the famed growing region in Mexico. A delightfully delicate cup with a caramel aroma and snappy finish. Shade grown and Fair Trade

PRICE: $13.25

Mocha Java ORGANIC
Africa and Indonesia combine to create this delicious and highly aromatic cup.

PRICE: $13.25

New Orleans ORGANIC
You can almost hear the jazz of Bourbon Street. Our famous French roast is mellowed by chicory to create this traditional Southern blend.

PRICE: $13.25

Pannikin Blue Sky ORGANIC
Our classic blend has a spicy flavor that is enhanced by its gentle, dakr roast. The combination of these specially selected coffees creates a fuller sweet and richly aromatic cup. Shade grown and Fair Trade

PRICE: $13.25

Pannikin ORGANIC
Artfully crafted from selected coffees of four continents, this rich complex cup has been considered the perfect cup by customers and staff alike.

PRICE: $13.25

A sweet and very low acidic coffee. Full-bodied and an extremely satisfying taste.

PRICE: $13.25

One of the most complex coffees available. This earthy coffee is a strikingly delicious, rich, smooth full-bodied cup with a chocolate finish. Shade grown and Fair Trade

PRICE: $13.75

A combination of specially selected coffees to create this deep and intoxicating cup. Great in a French press or try Turkish-style coffee in an Ibrik.

PRICE: $13.50

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